The Power of Dreams

By: Zamzurina Zulkafli

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Friday, 13-Mar-2009 05:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
We are moving!

With immediate effect, The Power of Dreams fp will be transferred to

Slowly, jika ada kudrat dan kesempatan, selected entries will be moved to the new blogspot.

Babai forever fp!

Aku tak nak sokong Israel!! -->

Sunday, 25-Jan-2009 23:54 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Activities during CNY holiday

Attend Cikin and Bad Wedding at Kota Kuala Muda
Congrats Cikin and Bad!
(Cikin is Abah's cousin)

Visit Syafiqah and Syazwina, Taman Ria, Sg Petani,
- Sebenarnya Muaz nak tgk Syazwina...ehem..ehem..nak ngurat ker? ehhehe

Visit Baby Iman (Baby of Zelman and Fiza) at Alor Setar. Uncle Zelman is Abah's good fren at SSMJ. Lupa nak ambik gambo...lgpun abah sgt rancak bersembang ngan uncle Zelman. BTW, thanks yer for the minum petang. Suka tgk baby Iman yg sangat friendly and talkative and of cos very cute!....we will come again ya next time!

p/s: Kualiti gambar tidak memuaskan - guna hp jek. Coolpix kami yg telah berusia 5 thn itu telah dipinjam terus oleh Cik Ain..huhu..hmm.. Ya Allah berikan rezeki utk kami membeli Coolpix yg terkini! Amin

Sunday, 18-Jan-2009 11:22 Email | Share | | Bookmark
South Lake, Mines

Naik boat bersama Pak Su Muiz kat South Lake, Mines.
Adult : RM22
Child : RM13

Thursday, 1-Jan-2009 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Power of Dreams

Is it important to have specific dreams?

Dream empowered inspiration & vision..
Driving aspiration and enthusiasm in achieving life mission..
Systematically planned objectives and benchmarked phases with preset goal ..
Target prioritized..parameters quantified..risk justified..pros & cons clarified..
Bear with the rhythm of its rock and roll..and some twist of heavy metal to spice things up..
Passion is the essence of life..
to which every obstacles are worth to be dying for..
Even draining patient, enduring excruciating pain in the path taken..
That's the price for the gain..

At the end of the day..only results matters..
Matters that waived what others would say or put their thought upon you..
If the reality result speaks in tune with what you had dreamed of..
Then behold.. cheers for a toast to your success..
Indulge yourselves in this Allah given domain of finite life..

Be bold, be enlighthened & forever wisdom driven..
Be grateful to be blessed by the Almighthy Graciousness & Mercifulness..
He who rewarded people who believed in walking their own dream..
To be the master of their own fate..
Its dreams that inspired how you dictate your own life story..
The pumping thrust of spirit that run in your blood..
For achievement, for accomplishment, for legacy, for history..
Worth to be remembered, streaming words through generations..
Revealing the lesson that the facts of life,
is indeed simple yet very meaningful..
Life is only worth to be lived..

Be amazed...its all ignited with just..
the Power of Dreams...

:: Abah Muaz ::


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Beraya haji di rumah Pengusaha Kambing mbekkk mbekkk

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Raya Haji 2008
Banggol Besi, Pendang, Kedah

Sesi lawatan ke Zoo Kambing mbekkk mbekkk

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